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Dr.Benny Fan is an Australian Registered Chinese Medicines Doctor – Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Dispenser and Chinese Medicines, master of Herbal Medicines in Sydney University and the Doctor of Acupuncture in Fujian University. He is the disciple of Imperial Medicine (his grand master Zhao Yufan Who was the nominated doctor of Emperor in Qing Dynasty.) Dr Benny is the Visiting professor of acupuncture in Shanxi Chinese Medicine University.

Among 25 years, Benny devotes himself to promoting Chinese Medicines. And his effort in his canceer is very successful. His patients contain may sport athletes, world champions, directors and movie stars in Hollywood. From that, he is well – known and public praise. In 2008, Australian National TV channel interviewed Benny on the topic how to use Chinese Medicines to anti cancer and diabetes mellitus. Benny’s miraculous medical stories were released on the Chinese biggest channels – CCTV and CNC.

方山博士是澳洲注册针灸师,中医师和草药药剂 师,宫廷医学和少林医学传人,陕西中医学院客座教授,福建中医药大学博士,悉尼大学药理研究硕士,其病人包括众多好莱坞和澳洲电影明星,奥斯卡奖明星,和 体育世界冠军,由于他在医学上的神奇疗效,赢得了极佳的声誉。澳洲国家电视台对他进行专访并于7点半新闻播出,中国新华社专门采访方博士及其病人并于亚太 6号卫星向世界播出。《人民日报》《中新社》《中央电视台》《中国国际广播电台》等也多次对他进行采访。他被好莱坞电影公司,澳洲儿童基金会,悉尼歌剧院 等聘为医疗顾问。并受到澳洲总理的表彰,他是华人在西方社会的娇傲!

Specialize in:

Internal Disease, Sport Injuries, Sexual Impotence, Headache, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Insomnia, Skin Problems,Asthma, Sinus, Cancer, Weight Lost. etc.

Acupuncture, Herbs Acupressure,Remedial Massage Service
Special Acupuncture performance in TV series “All Saints”
produced by Channel 7 (Australia) and to be medical consultation in charge of Acupuncture in NIB TV commercial.
What is the difference in Dr Benny’s techinique’s compared with those of other Acupuncturists and Herbalists?

Dr Benny ‘s acupuncture and point acupressure techniques are called “Qigong acupuncture and Qigong Point Acupressure”.”Qingong” is a very powerful meditation and energy method practised in China for many thousand years. In the USA, university research has already proven that Qigong Acupuncture and Qigong Point Acupressure are much more effective and 3-5 times more powerful than normal acupuncture and acupressure. Dr Benny’s Qigong training extends over 30 years. He followed the best Qigong and meditation master Suxi (the former president of Shaolin Temple) and another famous Chinese doctor, Qigong Acupuncture and Point Acupressure master XuGong Wei(the nominatied Doctor for the old China government leaders)These masters and their techniques have led Dr Benny to gain special power and the ability to heal. He has already helped thousands of patients recover form their illnesses and has had miraculous results in his past 16 years in Australia.


Special Treatment for Anxiety Depression & Relaxation

  • Acupuncture + relaxing herbal medicines
  • Miracle result and good recovery
  • Patient has recoveried from depression.


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Dr.Benny Fan had a medical interviewed by Australian National TV[…]


Dr. Benny Fan was invited by NIB TV commercial in[…]


Lot's of Hollywood and Australian movie stars are Dr.Benny Fan's patientsMore>>
Baz Luhrmann(Moulin Rouge, Romeo & Juliet)
photo with abbie
Abbie Cornish (The Golden Age, Limitless)
Robert Manmone(Movie:The Matrix, TV series: Underbelly, Fat Tony & Co)
Peter Schink ( Hollywood famous editor and director, Movie: Legion)