During the 5,000 years of Chinese medicine history, the most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors were those who looked after the emperors' health. The nominated doctors had to be skilful, knowing the best techniques and having knowledge of the secret prescriptions of herbs. After the first 3,000 years of medical research and clinical study, they successfully established the Palace Medicine fomula they in Tang Dynasty (1,400 years ago). These doctors started to serve the emperors from Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty (100 year ago). Benny Fan's Grand master, Zhao Yifan, was the nominated doctor of Empress ChiXi of the Qin Dynasty. He used his acupuncture techniques and secret palace medicine to serve the Empress and other royals for fifty years. He had an excellent reputation in China .
The specials in Palace Medicine is that it can help the emperors to keep long life, healthy and energetic, preventing any disease, even helped them to look 20-30 years younger. Most of the emperors held longer life than common people in their Dynansties. Benny Fan has learned the Zhao Yifan's techniques and the Palace medicine formulas from his master, Xu Gongwei. Xu Gongwei was a famous Chinese medicine doctor and an instructor of the bodyguard team of former Chinese president GuoMing Dang. Xu Gongwei was also Zhao Yifan's indoor student. From 1980 to 1986, in the Shaolin Temple, Benny learned the Shaolin medicine techniques and the medicine prescription formulas from his Teacher Sin Shaolin Temple by his teacher Suxi who passed on this knowledge and traditon. Benny has mastered the techniques of Zhao Yifan and the Shaolin Temple. Benny obtained his Bachelor of Chinese medicine and his Diploma of Acupuncture in China . He also has a Masters degree of Herbal Medicine from the university of Sydney. In 1989, when Benny arrived in Sydney , he established his Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic in Sydney. Benny has treated thousands of patients and has earned the best reputation. His clients include many famous Australian movie and television personalities. He has been invited to demonstrate his unique acupuncture technique on the sydney televison station, Channel 7. Benny's skills as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist have earned him an excellent reputation.


Dr. Benny Fan and movie star Rebert Manmone visited ENDAVOUR Fundation Factory and donated his herbal medicine to help disabled people.


1. EMPPEROR'S HERB PRESCRIPTION (one of the best Anti-Aging Herbs)

This herb prescription has been passed down from Grand master Zhao Yifan. It is one of the best herbs having been used for the Emperors for thousands of years. It is call Emperor's Herb Prescription because this formula is very good for

maintaining a healthy body
reproducing the cells, special for vascular disease and kidney problems.
strengthening metabolis
tonifying Qi (energy)
promoting blood circulation
regulating all the internal organs
anti-cancer & Nephritis
release stress and anti-depression

It is also used for treating many kinds of disease and ailments, including

Arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, neck pain, back pain, stress, depression, bone disease, internal problems, improving the mind's wisdom, alzheimer's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

This is why this herb was the best herb for the Emperors. It helped the Emperor to gain great power, strengthen the body and keep healthy.

Au$70/bottle (contains 42 capsules), 3-6capsules daily, paybale by credit card (postage fee additional).

Case 1. Patient, male, 45 years old, work accident. For three years he suffered from neck pain, headache and neck muscles atrophy. He could not walk and had difficulty keeping his head in an upright position. He also had insomnia and had suffered from a stomach ulcer for five years. After using this prescription for 3 months the neck muscles became stronger and grew again and the pain waas greatly reduced. The stomach ache was less painful and the appetite improved. After 6 months the neck museles were backc to normal, and the stomach ulcer had healed. Patient had much more energy and felt his life had changed.


2. ANGEL YOUNG PRESCRIPTION (one of the best Anti-Aging Herbs)

This herb prescription has been passed down by Grand Master Zhao Yifan. The name young prescription means this herb is very good for maintaining our body, especially for the aged people. It has the power to maintain hair, teeth, to smooth the skin and it is anti-ageing. This herb keeps you younger looking, and releases the wrinkles. It can increase body's hormone level, prevent and treat many diseases caused by unstable hormone concentration. It is also very good for treating any weakness or sickness in the body including

back pain
leg pain ( improve women's libido)
diabetes, graves disease
weight control
difficulty in passing water caused by weakness in the immune system
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
high cholesterol
Vascular diseases
The Angel Young Prescription can be used long term to keep younger, keep the original hair colour, to stay strong of tooth and to protect the eyes and mind. This presription was used by the Emperors for thousands of years. People say that the herbs can turn old to young and prolong life. In China many Chinese Herb Practioners researched the long life and young herb prescription for thousands of years. And this is one of the best. That is why it was selected for the Emperor.

All the ingredients are chosen carefully and processed by unique procedures.

A$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily, payable by credit card (postage fee additional).

Clinical trial:

This herb prescription has been used in Doctor Benny‘s Clinic for 18 years. Many patients are surprised by the great results. After using the herbs for one year, they have improved hair growth and much smoother skin. Some ageing women say their skin is like baby's skin. Some patients who have taken Angel Yong prescription have found their age has almost not changed. It is the best herb for the effects of ageing.

3. GREAT ANTI-AGEING HERBS(one of the best Anti-Aging Herbs)

This precription is similar to Emperor Herb and Angel Young Herb, used for Energy and Hormone system, keeping people to look younger, more Energetic and longer life, the difference with Angel Young Herbs is that is not help to lost weight .

Au$70/bottle (contains 42 capsules), 3-6capsules daily, paybale by credit card (postage fee additional).

 (for hormone and immune system)

This is one of the best herb prescriptions for anti-ageing and maintenance of health and beauty. It is especially good for hair and skin (instead of botox and plastic surgery). It was created over 1,000 years ago to keep the Emperor healthy and youthful. The records say that an emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) was weak in body and unable to have children. The nominated doctors did the reseach and created this HAIR AND SKIN PROTECTION HERB PRESCRIPTION after taking these herbs the Emperor felt stronger in the body and after one year some of his wives became pregnant. The emperor's hair also grew back to its original colour and the wrinkles on his face were gone. This formula has been passed down through the centuries and used to naturally maintain strengh, smooth young skin and natural hair colour.

A$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily, payable by credit card (postage fee additional).


This herb prescription has been passed down by Grand Master Zhao Yifan. It is especially used not only to eliminate the body's toxins but also for beauty and to moisturize the skin. There have been great result in treating many diseases and conditions including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, turbid and painful urination, skin lesions, acne insomnia caused by toxic heat, tooth pain and flushed face caused by toxic heat.

A$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily, payable by credit card (postage fee additional).


This prescription was formulated by Dr. Benny's Grandfather a respected Chinese medicine doctor. It is a combination of 15 types of ingredients and has been passed down through three generattions. The action is to tonify kidney passed three gernerations and practiced in clinic. This prescription has combined by over 15 kinds of different ingrediences. The action is to tonify kidney function, transfer and burn fat to energy, eliminate toxins from the large intestine and to balance hormone system.

Dr. Benny has used this formula for many overweight patients. Some patients have lost 20-40kg in a few months. They feel more energetic and released. This herb will not only make you lose weight. It will also reduce your body size and make you look fit, younger and spirited. Overweight patients have been very happy with the results after taking this formula.

AU $ 70 / bottle (contains 56 capsules) 3 capsules after breakfast/dinner.

Paybale by credit card (postage fee additional)


This herb has been passed down by Grand Master Zhao Yinfan. Its mechanism is to eliminate skin toxins and to increase skin cell metabolism. It is suitable for skin allergies and eczema.

Its effectiveness has been proven by thousands of patients and it is a wonderful herb prescription.

AU $ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by Credit Card (Postage fee additional)


This prescription is very effective that can treat many kinds of disease. It is very strong that can kill the body infection.


This prescription sometimes is combined with another prescription, that can treat several skill disease.

Alopecia Areata
Seborrheic dermatitis
AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 56 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily



This prescription is effective for killing the acne and smoothing the skin. It can repair the rash which is caused by skin problem, and remove the dark spot which is caused by prenancy. The mechanism of this herb is to balance the hormone part that manages skin and eliminates the toxicity which is from stomach and liver.

This herb has been widely used by many teenagers and pregnant women who have caught dark spots in the face.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 56 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily


This herb prescription has been highly valued for thousands of years and is one of the best health berb prescriptions used in the palace.

It can be taken to tonify Qi (energy) and kidney yin (essence), and is also very good for regulating the blood. It can stop internal and external bleeding.

It is very effective in treating pain caused by wind cold, wind heat, arthritis, injuries, bruising, back pain and muscle ache.

Patients have had excellent results after using this prescription.

Au$70/bottle (contains 42 capsules), 3-6capsules daily. Payable by credit card (postage fee additional)

Case 1. Patient, female, 88 years old, from Hong Kong , suffered from arthritis for 20 years. She suffered from knees and back pain day and night and found it difficult to walk. After taking this prescription for one year, she felt stronger again, found it easy to stand up and started to walk easily. In the second year she felt the arthritis had disappeared, the walking even easier and she no more suffered pain. She keeps taking this prescription for maintenance. Now she is 93 years old. She feels strong and she can walk for almost three hours without resting. She was so surprised and is very happpy with this prescription.



This herb prescription has been passed down by Grand Master Zhao Yifan (the nominated doctor of the Emperor of Qing Dynasty). It is effective in treating asthma, bronchitis and severe coughing, strengthen respiratory system.

It has been proven effective by thousands of patients in Dr. Benny's Clinic, including patients who have suffered with bronchitis for over 30 years. Many patients have recovered from asthma and bronchitis.

The action mechanism of this herb prescription is to improve the strength of the respiratory system, remove the sputum and repair the inner walls of the bronchi. It eliminates the yang toxins and infammation and increases the blood circulation in the respiration system. This formula continues to help the asthma bronchitis patients in the past.

This prescription has been used for over 200 years by Dr. Benny's Grand Master Zhao Yifan, and Master Xu Gongwei and Dr. Benny.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily. Payable by credit card (postage fee additional).

Payable by credit card (postage fee additional).

12. MEN'S HERB PRESCRIPTION- makes you a real man

This herb has been passed down by Grand Master Zhao Yinfan ( a nominated Doctor of the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty). It is formulated with many different ingredients. The action is to enhance hormone levels, improve blood flow to the penis and to strengthen male energy. It has already helped many men improve thier sex ablility, and is used to prevent and treat impotence. The difference between this herb prescription and medication is that the berbs are natural, without side effects and can be used for long term maintenance. Patients have told Dr Benny that this herb prescription is their favorite.

AU $ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily

Payable by Credit Card (postage fee additional)


This prescription has been passed down by Grand Master Zhao Yinfan. It can be taken to treat any kind of cancer. Its mechanism is to release internal toxin which is the source of cancer. It can also increse the body's good cell metabolism. This prescription has been used in Australia for over 16 years, and has helped many patients recover from thier cancer.

AU$70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 6-9 capsules daily

Payable by Credit Card (Postage extra)

Case study:

Patient with prostate cancer - already stage 4 cancer. On 1st January 2005 patient had PSA blood test. The result was 110. PSA is the main test to measure the degree of prostate cancer. The normal PSA level is less than 3.5. When the PSA level is greater than 10 it means cancer, when PSA is greater than 110 it means travelling cancer.

On 14th March 2005, the patient was recommended by other patients to visit Dr Benny Fan and he commenced the treatment of accupuntrue and Chinese herbal medicines. He proceeded to fell much better and was getting stronger.

On 18th May 2005 the patient had another PSA test. What a miraculous thing happened! The PSA was down to 0.3 a normal count. The prostate cancer had been controlled.


These herbs have been used by Dr Benny Fan's Master for the past 60 years. These herbs can strengthen the blood vessels, increase the blood flow rate, repair the inner skin of the blood vessels. In this way they can lower blood pressure in patients who suffer from hypertension.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


These herbs are very good for patients who are suffering from diabetes. They can decrease the sugar level, increase insulin and improve the immune system and blood circulation.

Their effectiveness has been proven in Dr Benny Fan's clinic.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This lotion and prescription is suitable for those who have lost thier hair. These prescriptions will invigorate the hormone system to promote hair growth.

Hair regrowth can be expected from 3-6 months after using the prescription and the lotion.

Hair Growing Lotion

AU$ 110/ bottle 50ml

Apply2-3 times dailly using a cotton bud

Hair Growing Prescription

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 56 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily


This herb helps to

Increases sex drive

Promotes development of hormones naturally in both men and women

Prevents premature ejaculation and strengthens sexual energy in both men and women

Especially powerful in treating male impotence and maintaining an erection

Enhances penis size by up to 3cm

Improves women's libido

Overall helps you regain confidence in your sexual ability

Enhances fertility in both men and women

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This herb is very effective for anti-tonsillitis, sore-throat, flu symptom and constipation.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This herb is suitable for Acute and Chronic Coughing, Asthma. This herb can remove phlegm and release spasm of inter wall of air-way.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This herb is specially for preventing any kind of virus flues, severe sinus, spontaneous sweating and night sweating. This herb can strenghen skin immune system and respiratory system. This herb has been used in Dr. Benny's clinic by patients for 20 years and has been proved that it has fantastic effect.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This herb is effective for curing and preventing any kind of cysts, goiter and cancer. This herb has good record in clinical study in the last 20 years.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This herb is strongly effective in poor digestive system. It prevents refluxing syndromes and anorexia of children, ulcer of stomach and intestine. It can strengthen the function of stomach. This herb works perfectly for children's growing.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.


This prescription is strongly effective to treat severe dipression, release stress and anxiety. the function is calm liver, harmonize central nerve system, regulating digestive system. it has supply for patients over 20 years in Benny's clinic.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This prescription is very effective for kidney stones, prostatitis and nephritis, even for urinery infection.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


Suitable for various of Flu and Cough.

AU$ 70/ bottle (contains 42 capsules) 3-6 capsules daily.

Payable by credit card (postage extra)


This priscription is suitable for Hycholesterol, Hyperglycemia, Hepatie Adipose Infliltration. It has used in the clinic for more than 20 years, patients have received the great results which can presented in the medical tests.

A$70/bottle(contain 42 capsules), 4-6 capsules daily.

Special Recommendation

The best maintenance herbs are Angel Young Prescription and Emperor's Herb Prescription. Take 4-6 capsules daily of either one to supply huge energy, release stress, promote blood circulation, invigorate the hormone system (even helping couples' sex life), increase metabolism and to improve the immune system. They are suitable for company managers, women and men of any age and physical workers. These herbs are even suitable for children and can be taken to increase their wisdom and concentration for their studies.

These prescriptions are anti-CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), anti-degenerative and anti-cancer.


You just need to spend the cost of a cup of coffee daily for maintaining your healthy body, by taking Emperor herbs/Angel herbs---4-6 capsules per day, or alternatively, Emperor Herbs-- 3 capsules in the morning and Angel Young Herbs-- 3 capsules at night.. These will help you feel stronger, prevent you from getting diseases and you’ll look and feel younger.

Benny’s herbs cost 30% of the price of other health maintenance herbs on the market but are surely 10 times more efficient!!!

This is your right choice to enjoy a high quality of life
and a strong immune system!!!!
Case 1: Patient, 65 yrs, suffered from heart attack in the past. He needed a pacemaker to help because his heart function was only 28%. After 3 yrs on Angel Young & Emperor Herbs, his heart function increased to 41%. Even his high cholesterol became normal.
Case 2: Patient,?69 yrs, maintained by Angel Young & Emperor Herbs for 11 yrs. The general health checked up by medical centre. His body function & data was that of a 30 yrs old man.
Case 3: Patient, suffered from prostate cancer. PSA was 110(cancer indicator, normal standard must be lower than 3.5). After 6 months on Emperor & Angel Young & Anti-Cancer Herbs, his PSA reduced to 0.2.
Case 4: Patient, 35 yrs, after 6 month on Angel Young & Weight-loss Herbs, he lost 20 kg and felt very strong in his work. He said that he was fortunate to have Benny’s herbs. He will extend his business because of his huge energy.
(From Medical Records)

Letters from patients

letter from a patient in canada
Dear Dr. Benny,

I am writing to you to obtain an other prescription of the Emperor's herb- angel's prescription as well as the Shaolin pain & arthritis herb.

During the month of September 2004, I came to see you becausee of severe pain almost all over my body, pain that i was carrying for more than 2 years. The day I decided to call you and come to see you, I was restricted to bed not even able, capable to turn around in my bed; I had severe pain in the neck, shoulders, right arm, extreme pain in the left arm plus unbearable pain in the lower back. After 4 acupuncture treatments at your office and 4 months of the above prescribed herbs, I only have moderate pain in my left arm. I hope soon it will go away by continuing to take your " MIRACULOUS" herb!

Thank you very much Dr. Benny; I can now enjoy every day of my life with a lot less ( almost no more) physical pain.

Please rush me again 6*42 capsules of the SHAOLIN PAIN & ARTHRITIS HERB (70 AU$*6) and 6*42 capsules of the EMPEROR'S HERB- ANGEL'S PRESCRIPTION(70 AU$*6).