Martial Arts

In 1928, the former Chinese government established the Central National Martial Arts Academy in Nanjing . The head, Zhan Zhe Jian, invited many famous martial artists to
meet and work there. The list of instructors include Xing Yi Master Sun Lu Tan, Tai Chi master Yang Ten Pu, Tong Bei Master Ma Yin Tu, Cha Chuan master Yu Zhen Shen and Pi Qua master Guo Chan Shen. Master Xu Gong Wei is one of the best indoor disciple of Master Yu Zhen Shen in the Central National Martial Art Academy specializing in Cha Chuan.

He is also a formal indoor student of Master Zhao Eyi Fan in Xing Yi, Pa Gua, Wu style Tai Chi, Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Master Zhao Eyi Fan was an Imperial Body Guard under the Empress Dowager since his early twenties. After Zhao's retirement as body guard he taught martial arts and practice healing arts in Shang Hai. Master Xu has mastered many styles, including Cha Chuan , Pa Gua, Tai Chi, Tong Bei, Cannon Fist, Praying Mantis, Shaolin and Chin-na. He has been the head instructor of the presidental body-guards of the old Chinese government. As a master of deep knowledge and skills, Master Xu has many friends. In 1944, he exchanges martial art skills with a good friend, Chen Zhao Kui (18th generation master of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan). Master Chen stayed as his guest for 3 years and taught Chen Tai Chi to local students. The October 2000 issue of Inside
Kung-Fu magazine features an article on Master Xu.

Benny Fan became a student of Master Xu in 1980 in Nanjing and studied with him full time for four years. he trained three hours under the personal instructions of Master Xu and three hours of individual practice everyday, seven days a week. With his background in Shaolin, internal martial arts and Chinese medicine, Benny Fan mastered Cha Chuan, Xing Yi , Pa Gua, Praying Mantis, Pi Gua Tong Bei and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan.

Shaolin and Wudang Kungfu (Qigong) college

Master Benny Fan:

The top Kungfu and Qigongmaster from ShaoLin temple

The top Wudang internal Kungfu and Qigong master, discieple of Zhao Yifan

The top KungFu instructor nomfunated by China government

Gained Duan Wei 7 (Advanced Level) in Chinese Wushu from Chinese Wushu Association

Benny has trained chinese kungfu over 30 years, he followed the top kungfu master Suxi (the formor president of shaolin temple) and Xu Gongwei (the top master in interial kungfu: Taichi, Xinyi, bagua, and northern kungfu)

Benny has taught the students for over 20 years. His students have won medals in many big competitions. In year 2000, one of his students Shong was the runner-up in 16 countries of south Asia, another student was the runner-up in Austraian Taichi competition. In 2006, his student brett was the champion in the free fighting in australia (the judges were from shaolin temple)

Course Details

1. Kungfu course

1) Shaolin Kungfu:

Seven stars monkey form, Seven stars mantis form, Eagle continuous beating form, Golden buddist form, Pigua long arm monkey form.

2) Wudang Kungfu:

Bagua hands, Xinyi form, Taichi form (Wu style, Chen style, Yang style), Wudang sword, Wu stick.

3) Northern Kungfu:

Cha quan, Tang kicks, Hua quan, and others.

Lesson Fees:

Group Class (over 5 persons): A$ 60/lesson

Individual: A$ 110/lesson

2. Qigong Course:

1) Taichi Younger Qigong: This Qigong has a history of over 1700 years. It is very effective to keep fit, lose weight, anti-cancer, treat asthma heart disease, diabetta, hight blood pressure. Big improve sex ability ,increase hormone level and help you turn back to youngth.

Lesson Fees:

Group Class (over 2 persons): A$ 1450

Individual: A$ 2000

Teaching DVD for free

2) Shaolin Qigong: Shaolin Golden Buddist Qigong, 8 styles Qigong, Yijinjing Qigong--Strengthen your body, increase your internal power, and to prevent you from disease.

Lesson Fees:

Group Class (over 2 persons): A$ 1450

Individual: A$ 2000

3) Shaolin hard Qigong: Iron shirts, Iron head, Iron hand-- after 3 months training your body will be very strong to stand other persons beating. It is very secret training.

Individual only: A$ 3000



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The student from Benny Fan's Shaolin & Wudang College won the free fighting all over the Australia

The qualifying trail of World Chinese Kungfu TV Competition was held in June in Melbourne. Australian Shaolin Zen Association was responsible for this competition in australia and the umpires were from Shaolin Temple. Brutt who is a student of Sydney Bennyfan Shaolin & Wudang Kungfu college won Shaolin golden buddhist form and free fighting among the 50 competitors all over the australia.

Brutt has started to learn Shaolin Qigong and Kungfu from Master Benny Fan who is the 31st generation of Shaolin temple since 1995. He has run his Kungfu college in COOGEE for many years and own hundreds of students. He led his students showing a varity of Shaolin Kungfu and Qigong in the Chinese community, even he was stand-in of Foxtel, for this reason, he has been well acknowledged by the society.

Master Benny Fan was a student of both the old Shaolin temple president Suxi and the famous Kungfu Master Xu Gongwei.

Benny Fan's Shaolin & Wudang colledge has begun to show chinese traditional cuture in australia since 1989, and has brought up many excellent students, like Student Shown who won the second place in the form of Pigua hand in South Asia Kungfu competition 2000, the other student won the second place in Chen style Taichi in Australia in 2001.